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Effective and fast diet

Effective and fast diet
Effective and fast diet
Diet is effective, fast and easy to offer on the magazine diet for those who want to lose 5 kg in 10 days without fatigue and without significant weight loss to follow the main steps of diet and follow the diet without changes.

Effective and fast diet

Effective and fast diet
Effective and fast diet

Diet program for diet


-2 boiled eggs or scrambled with a small hanging olive oil
-5 olives
-Kiri cheese


- Lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad
- Grilled chicken or beef


-Vegetables Soup
-Grilled chicken
Effective and fast diet
Effective and fast diet

When you feel hungry

30 g almonds, Kerry cheese pieces or 6 strawberries

Tips for Dieting Success

- Drink 3 liters of water
- Exercise 45 minutes a day
- Drinking supplements is a cocktail of vitamin (especially magnesium and vitamin C)
- Allowed to drink coffee and tea
- Allowed to drink herbs
- Moisturizing the body
- Do not stay up and sleep at night
-Maintain the same dates -Eat three meals
- Commitment to the type of food required and not to change it and when it does not mention the quantity means that it is open only
 -Have a healthy cooking method
Effective and fast diet
Effective and fast diet

- Do not delete any meal
- Chew eating well
Eating slowly should be at least 25 minutes
- Marinate with spices and mustard to give a nice flavor in addition to the herbs you prefer
- Writing Dieting and put it in a place easily noticeable
-Provide all diet purchases before starting dieting
- Stay away from frustrated and negative people and it is better not to tell anyone that you diet
-Dieting is an attempt to save health and not to show off

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