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The most important tips to increase stamina .. Treasure that athletes are looking for

There is no doubt that the most important tips to increase durability are a physical treasure that aspires athletes to reach and apply as fully and strictly as possible; Muscle groups, strength, and magnitude according to the nature of the sports system followed and the desired goal and expected.

Because the short breath and the durability of the source of endurance are among many athletes, the following report, according to the muscle and fitness website, provides the most important tips to increase endurance in a way that ensures the athlete performs abundant and strong physical performance for longer periods of time.
1- Durability and moisturizing :

Above all, the idea of ​​providing athletes with water and fluids throughout the day and in sufficient quantities on a daily basis should not be discarded;

Drinking water and supplying it to the body is of great importance in increasing the physical endurance of athletes in particular. It significantly reduces the likelihood of athletes to muscle injuries such as convulsions, cramps, and muscle fatigue, and the presence of ideal water ratios inside the body supports the muscle's ability to grow.

As a first step to contributing to increased endurance, athletes should ensure that they are provided with about half a liter before exercise and that the water supply throughout the day.
2- Durability and warm-up :

By not increasing the stamina, athletes usually start warm-up movements and exercises such as light jogging, or using a bike inside the gym, among other things.

Stretching and warm-up exercises that aim to create strong muscles based on body weight such as squat, classic push-up, pull-up, and planks for abdominal muscles remain the most important in terms of increasing endurance.

In fact, these exercises increase the strength of muscular and physical endurance through its effect on stimulating the nervous system to improve the movement of the body and prepare muscle fibers to withstand the effort during the basic exercises.
3 - Durability and shoes :

It should not be strange or shocking, because the quality of the shoe and its kind of things are very influential to increase the strength of endurance, it supports the balance and stability of the body and improves the movement during exercise.

Perhaps one of the most important things about the adoption of wearing suitable high-quality sneakers; in order to increase durability is to help avoid injuries and sprains that may result in the wrong move and not support the shoe to the feet.
4 - Durability and protein :

Protein in its various sources is not just a nutrient for athletes, it is always the password not only in securing muscle mass but also in increasing physical stamina by providing amino acids and rebuilding muscle tissue and fibers, making them stronger and more flexible.

To ensure optimal durability, athletes should consume at least one gram of protein per a half kilogram of body weight.

5- Durability and supplements :

The more you exercise, the more you need to increase your stamina and an abundant supply of energy. This is why supplements provide urgent doses of proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids for muscles during exercise.

Along with dietary supplements, healthy carbohydrates from their natural sources play a prominent role in helping athletes increase endurance, so eating sweet potatoes, oats, and beans, as well as fruits and vegetables, are essential.

6- Durability, fruits, and vegetables :

Athletes do not want to suffer from the symptoms of oxidative stress, which kills the chances of increasing endurance due to the internal imbalance of reactive oxygen species, and the body's ability to detoxify.

This is why eating fruits and vegetables such as grapes, berries, and broccoli along with spinach and beets in the form of 6 servings a day is an important step on the road to increase durability because these foods contain ample amounts of natural antioxidants.

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