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Kiwi diet system for weight loss 5 kg in 10 days

Kiwi diet system for weight loss 5 kg in 10 days

If you are a kiwi fruit lover we would like to inform you that kiwi diet has gained wide popularity around the world. You can follow this diet for kiwi diet for a week or 10 days as a diet to lose up to 5 kg of weight, but you should remember that it is not recommended to follow this system if you suffer from diseases such as diabetes, anemia, heart disease, gastritis, Stomach problems should consult your doctor first.
Kiwi diet

 Food Value in Kiwi:

You will be surprised when you know that kiwi fruit tops the chart between other fruits when it comes to nutritional value because it is rich in nutrients beneficial to the health of the body, including vitamins and minerals per gram of kiwi. For example, kiwi contains a high percentage of vitamin C higher than oranges, and just like any fruit you can process kiwi juice of kiwi fruit and I have a lot of people because it has a refreshing flavor and a mixture of juice soft with crispy seeds but in Rai not just for the love of Kiwi But when you learn the importance of kiwi in weight loss.

In addition, the fruit of kiwi offers many health benefits is to help digestion, control blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, help control blood sugar, promote the functions of the kidney, and other benefits provided by kiwi body relaxes constipation and promote comfortable sleep, Skin health, prevention of cancer.
How does Kiwi help you lose weight?

Protein digestion: To meet the daily needs of protein, it is difficult but much better when it can not be properly divided into non-absorbable amino acids. There are only a few protein enzymes that occur naturally. Enzymes break down proteins and are found in foods like papaya, pineapple. Active protease enzyme is called kiwi actinide.

Useful for digestive health. If you have gastrointestinal problems because of the foods you are eating, you can take kiwi, which contains tributes. In addition to tropical kiwi fruit contains actinidine, an enzyme that breaks the protein as mentioned and thus improves the functioning of the digestive system.

You may wonder how kiwi helps you lose weight. Well, kiwi is the perfect solution if you want positive results on weight loss easily but at the same time do not give up other healthy foods so you can ask yourself how many calories are in kiwi, Kiwi 55 calories only and can enjoy its taste good and distinctive by anyone. Kiwi also contains fibers that increase the feeling of fullness for a longer period when taken and thus reduce the pain of hunger.
Kiwi also helps you treat the pain of irritable bowel syndrome. Some people may accompany a diet. Having a nervous colon and definitely go to kiwi fruit is the ideal choice for you. A study of people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome showed that eating 2 to 3 kiwi fruits for one month helps control bowel movement due to the rich fiber content of kiwi and actinide.

How do you incorporate kiwi to slimming in your diet?

You may have heard about the Kiwi diet, and in this system eat the quantity you want from Kiwi in the quantities you want. For the difficulty of calculating the number of calories in this quantity, we recommend that you add kiwi to your food as part of breakfast or as a snack between foods.

You should eat fresh kiwi better, and have a small size may reach the size of the shell only you can wash and get rid of the dark brown color, but if you do not like this way can be very amusing and cut in pieces and eat with the suspension. Sometimes kiwi slices can be added as appetizers with meals or processed kiwi juice.
Rules to follow when following a kiwi diet:

- When you feel the desire to eat something sweet or fried may need to eat kiwi.

- You can eat large amounts of kiwi because it contains a few calories.

- You should eat at least 13 cups of water (3 liters) a day and not less than 2 liters.

- Avoid eating sweets and high-fat foods during this diet, because eating these foods during the diet reduces the effectiveness of the kiwi diet.

- Because the diet contains a restricted amount of proteins and fats do not try to follow the Kiwi diet for a week longer.
Kiwi diet plan:

First day:

Breakfast meal: a cup of healthy cheese + chopped kiwi.

Snack: A cup of kiwi cut.

Lunch meal: a sandwich of bread with salmon and kiwi.

Dinner meal: fruit salad + kiwi juice.

Second day:

Breakfast meal: The green juice of spinach with kiwi.

Snack: Kiwi cup.

Lunch meal:: Kiwi salad with vegetables, onions, carrots, and peeled sour cream.

Dinner meal: fruit salad with pineapple, kiwi, and mango.
Third day:

Breakfast meal: 2 kiwi fruit + energy drink.

Snack: 2 cups of kiwi pieces.

Lunch meal: Grilled chicken wings with kiwi slices.

Dinner meal: a cup of chopped kiwi.

Fourth day:

Breakfast meal: a bowl of a fruit salad of orange, kiwi, apple, yogurt.

Snack: A cup of kiwi cut.

Lunch meal: 40 grams of roasted turkey breast slices + veggie salad with a slice of kiwi.

Dinner meal: 1 cup of chopped kiwi.
Fifth day:

Breakfast meal: 1 kiwi fruit + boiled eggs with slices of toast.

Snack: a cup of kiwi section.

Lunch meal: A bowl of broccoli broth with 2 kiwi fruit.

Dinner meal: a cup of skim milk with 3 kiwi fruit.

Sixth day:

Breakfast meal: Fruit salad with orange, kiwi, apple, yogurt.

Snack: A cup of kiwi cut.

Lunch meal: Grilled cheese + boiled egg + kiwi fruit.

Dinner meal: fruit salad + strawberry, mango, yogurt.

Breakfast meal: scrambled eggs with cheese + 2 kiwi.

Snack: A cup of kiwi cut.

Lunch meal: A bowl of tomato soup.

Dinner meal: 1 cup of kiwi.

Eighth day:

Breakfast meal: Smooth mango with pineapple + 1/2 cup yogurt free of fat

Snack: 1 cup of kiwi cut.

Lunch meal: A medium-sized dish of low-fat cheese salad with lettuce slices.

Dinner meal2 ounces of grilled salmon with cauliflower pieces + 1 kiwi fruit.
Ninth day:

Breakfast meal: 1 ounce of mashed potatoes + 2 kiwi fruit.

Snack: 1 cup of kiwi section.

Lunch meal: tuna sandwich with cucumber and lettuce.

Dinner meal: 1 boiled bean soup.

Tenth day:

Breakfast meal: 1 toasted toast with fried avocado slices + 2 kiwi fruit.

Snack: 1 cup kiwi cut.

Lunch meal:: 3 grilled fish slices + 5 spoons of brown rice.

Dinner meal: 50 grams of grilled chicken slices with parmesan cheese + 2 kiwi fruit.

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