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Eggs in food diet

Eggs in food diet

"Are eggs healthy?"
"Are eggs healthy, when consumed in dieting daily?" - This question has become frequent in nutrition.
To answer it, it is important to look at eggs in the context of the whole dieting, especially when compared to foods that may replace them (and vice versa).
Eggs in food diet

In two large studies (a sample of about 40,000 men and more than 80,000 women), it was observed that daily consumption of white beans was not associated with an increased risk of heart disease in healthy individuals.
The eggs were previously associated with the risk of heart disease, due to high cholesterol. However, a strong set of evidence has shown in research, that for most people, cholesterol in food has a lower effect on blood cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels, compared to the fat mix in the diet. Of course, this research does not give consent to eating egg yolk on a daily basis. But a report released in 2008 Supports the idea that eating a white pill on a daily basis is generally safe for the heart but also suggests that exceeding this limit may increase the risk of heart failure later in life. For the cardiovascular system, a scrambled egg-white meal with whole-wheat bread is different from the other, consisting of scrambled eggs with cheese, sausages, French fries, and toasted white bread!

People who have difficulty controlling total cholesterol and LDL may want to be cautious about eating egg yolk, and instead, go for eggs. The same applies to individuals who have diabetes. There are studies showing an increased risk of heart disease among men and women with diabetes, who eat an egg or more a day. For individuals with diabetes and heart disease, it may be best to limit the consumption of eggs, no more than three whistles a week.
Eggs in food diet

Egg and heart disease

While eating eggs for breakfast is a preferred option, compared to sweetened breakfast cereals or kanafah with cheese (or cream) or "pancake" or "beagle" and "maven", that is to say short sugars consumed on breakfast, Other health options include: a bowl of oatmeal, nuts, and berries, a meal that is beneficial for heart health, compared with eggs. A full grain and fruit consumption is associated with a lower risk of heart disease.
As for the protein available in eggs, there are plant sources (nuts and seeds) contained on this important food component, due to the reduction of mortality rate due to cardiovascular crises in general, especially when compared to red meat or eggs.
In the end, while eggs may not be the most ideal choice for breakfast, it is definitely not the worst! For those looking for a healthy diet, eating eggs moderately to low is the best, with a focus on vegetarian protein choices.

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