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Benefits and damage of lemon salt

Benefits and damage of lemon salt

Many people may wonder about the validity of using lemon salt in the daily diet. Is it safe and healthy for the body? Or should you keep away from it as a result of the damage it may cause to your body?

Lemon salt is found naturally in citrus fruits, especially lemon, and lemon juice is usually used in food, cleaning products, and food supplements.

However, the dried lemon salt differs from what is normally found in fruits, so many differ whether it is good for the body or harmful.
What are the natural sources of lemon salt?

Citrus fruits and their juices are the most important natural sources of lemon salt, such as:


There are some other fruits too but contain less lemon acid:


It can also be obtained as a by-product of cheese and fermented dough.
What are the health benefits of lemon salt?

There are some health benefits of lemon salt, including:

Helps turn food into energy

Citrus salt is scientifically called citrate, a molecule that is closely related to citric acid, the first molecule to be formed during a process called hydroxylic acid or crips.

In turn, carbohydrate hydroxylic acid converts food into energy, which your body uses later.

Enhances absorption of nutrients
The citric acid present in lemon salt enhances the presence of minerals such as zinc, allowing your body to absorb it better.

Protects against kidney stones

Kidney stones are composed of solid blocks made of crystals that originate in the kidneys, and citric acid acts on the protection of kidney stones.

The acid makes the urine less suitable for the formation of the gravel, and also helps to break up the previously existing gravel.

What are the possible damages of lemon salt?

Despite the benefits that can be obtained from lemon salt, there are some damages that should be taken care of when consuming them:
- Cause stomach pain: lemon salt has high acidity, so may cause excessive use of stomach pain, especially when mixed with water or juice.

- Effects on teeth: The excessive use of lemon salt may eliminate the strength and stiffness of the teeth and remove the surrounding layer that protects and prevent damage, and may lead to yellowing teeth.

- Loss of bone strength: acids usually affect the strength of bones in a negative way, including the most important cause of osteoporosis, which facilitates the process of bone fracture.
- Impact on eyesight: excessive acidity in lemon salt can affect the cornea of ​​the eye and thus reduce visibility clearly.

- Impact on pregnant women: The large intake of lemon salt affects the bones of the mother and fetus and may lead to problems in the growth of the fetus.

-High blood pressure: Eating a large amount of lemon salt causes high blood pressure, which can negatively affect heart disease.

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